Announcing new Australian auction company called: For-Auction

For-Auction is a new Australian auction company that will soon roll-out a national network of affiliates in every Australian state.

Offering local service with an International reach, For-Auction offers clients the opportunity of selling goods from their home or via a local For-Auction affiliate, taking out the cost and risk of transporting goods for sale, when it is no longer required.


With technology replacing the traditional way of doing business, especially in this post covid-era, consumers behaviour has changed for good and For-Auction is taking one step forward into the future, by fully adopting the reach that digital delivery affords, much to the benefit of today’s vendors.

For-Auction will sell vendors goods as their own small or large dedicated auction, rather than jumbling it in with huge quantities of other people’s goods and thus giving greater market focus for the seller. Digital delivery allows for this to be done economically now, whereas this can’t be done viably in a traditional bricks and mortar cost model.

The company will soon announce a series of auctions and vendors can now make enquires via this

Announcing new Australian auction company called: For-Auction